Our posters are printed in stunning full colour on 200gsm Photo Satin paper as standard. Larger, Custom size and outdoor poster are also available. Please call or email to discuss your personal requirements.

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You can’t get any more classic than with a poster. It has been used for many years as the go-to advertising material for businesses and it continues to thrive even during the digital age simply because it works.

At Prontaprint Wimbledon, we believe that posters can deliver results to your business, that is if they are done right.

This is why we commit to printing top quality posters in stunning full colour using 200gsm photo satin paper, 140gsm gloss blue back poster paper or 190gsm polypropylene depending on your needs.

We also print in A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes or we can customise a size for you.

The benefits of using posters for your advertisements:

  • People easily recognise them. Posters are a classic way of advertising so people already know that what you put out there is for them to see and read. A lot of consumers nowadays are tired of looking at advertisements online, so having those beautiful posters outside your store or in specific areas will offer a fresh sight for them to enjoy.
  • They are a lot cheaper. If you’re advertising on a budget, you can’t go wrong with investing in posters because they are a lot cheaper than advertising on print or radio but still efficient enough to get you the exposure and leads that you need. All you need is a reliable partner like us, your design of choice and you’re good to go.
  • You get to position them where your target audience is. The great thing about posters is that they are great for targeted marketing, which means that you get to place them where you know your customers pass by. This will allow you to get an active responses from them rather than just posting a random advert online where there are no guarantees if it will be seen by your target audience or not.

Learn more about our top quality posters by getting in touch with us at Prontaprint Wimbledon.

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