Compliment Slips

Compliment Slips


Our Compliment Slips are printed in full colour, A4 & A5 sizes using 120gsm smooth, 100gsm laid, 100gsm recycled, 120gsm cream or 120gsm Conqueror Stonemarque as standard for online ordering, other options are available in store. Dispatched within 4-7 working days. Please call us on 020 8543 1177 if a faster turnaround is required. Upload your Print ready artwork once the payment has been made.

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In the business of stationeries, sometimes you’ll find yourself easily confused about different types of papers and what their exact uses are. Do you wonder what that small slip of paper that almost looks the same as a letterhead is? It’s called a compliment slip. True to its name, compliment slips are used mainly for writing short handwritten notes for clients, business partners, suppliers and just about anyone you want to say thank you to as a business.

In a digital world where genuine communication has been lost, people love to receive handwritten notes that show sincerity in their messages while still keeping with your brand identity.

You can use compliment slips as part of corporate gifts, as a way to offer exclusive discounts and even as an inclusion to some corporate documents. Seeing that handwritten note gives your recipients the impression that you took the time to write a personalized message, which shows your sincerity in doing business with them.

At Prontaprint Wimbledon, we take pride in supplying many businesses with top quality compliment slips that reflect their brand in every possible way.

Our products are printed in full color using only the best quality materials and the right techniques to ensure that your stationery will look and feel professional all the time.

We offer five options for our compliment slips:

  1. 120gsm smooth: A preferred option by most of our clients, this stationery features a 120gsm smooth wove finish that give the paper a modern and sleek look.
  2. 100gsm laid: Known for its classic look, the 100gsm microlaid stationery is printed on 100gsm paper with some laid texture to make the compliment slip look extra elegant.
  3. 100gsm recycled: If you lean towards sustainability in your business, our 100gsm recycled stationery would be perfect for you since it’s made from 100% post-consumer waste while still maintaining its color and smooth finish.
  4. 120gsm cream: This natural cotton stationery is another winner with its sand-colored shade and beautiful finish.
  5. 120gsm Conqueror Stonemarque: If you want to pull all the stops for your compliment slip, the 120gsm Conqueror Stonemarque is definitely a showstopper with its elegant touches.

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